How to organize Your Email Account

The email account you use for school is liable to get clogged up over time. If you have hundreds of emails in your inbox right now, you need to come up with a way to organize them all. Your emails are just like files in your home, so you need to find a way to effectively find them when you need to. Otherwise, you may assume you deleted something that is actually sitting right in front of you. The guide below explains what you need to do to have an effective, easy to use an email account.

Delete What You Don’t Need

The trash button is there for a reason. Use it. It is easy to clog up an email account with spam and promotional emails that you just don’t need. If you know you won’t ever read a certain email, delete it. Otherwise, you will let it slowly work into the back of your inbox, where it will remain forever. I try to delete enough emails to keep my inbox to one page. If I have to go to a second page for it, I need to delete or move something in my inbox. If you adopt a similar theory, you will be able to use your email account a lot easier.

Use Folders to Sort Emails

Most email providers have a folder system that you can use to sort your emails. In gmail, these are known as labels. If you want to keep an email but you don’t necessarily need to see it, you can put it in a special folder for easy reference. For instance, I once attended the University of Phoenix online, and I still get emails from the school about events and classes coming available. If I want to save any of those, I just move them to my UoP folder. That way they are out of my inbox but still easy to access. I do the same with certain people that email me, like my other or some of my clients. As long as everything has a folder to go into, I can keep my inbox easy to manage.

Filter Emails Where You Want Them

You can set up filters in your email account so that certain emails automatically go in certain places. You could have the emails filtered to another email address, the trash, a folder, or anywhere else you want them to go. I run roughly 50 blogs through WordPress platforms, and I get emails for every comment that gets placed on one of those blogs. I just send all of that to the trash because I check the comments on my own instead. If you set up a filter for your account, you can automate a lot of the organization for yourself.

Do a Spring Cleaning

Every few weeks, you should go through your inbox and see if there is anything you can delete or put into a folder. I actually do this on a daily basis, but that is because I work online. I use my email account 12 hours a day, so I have to keep it as clean as possible.

I don’t represent the majority though. If you just do a little cleaning every month or two, you can keep your inbox nice and tidy. Then it will be easy for you to operate. If you organize your email account properly, you should have no trouble finding what you need. I literally have five emails in my inbox right now, and I get about 20-30 of them a day. I just make sure everything gets put where it needs to be so I can find it easier in the end. You can do the same without much effort at all.